Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a major change in the way individuals and business purchase worldwide. Many people are preferring to remain at home, find the products and services they require online and purchase online. Since there are millions of websites online, these internet users are using search engines like Google or Bing to find businesses selling the products or services they may require. The search engines are using complex algorithms to find the most appropriate websites for a particular search term, to list these these websites in the search engine results in the order of their perceived importance.


Research indicates that more than 85% of the internet users will visit only the websites which are listed on the first page of the search results. Hence it is very important for a business to ensure that it will rank well in search results for keywords which are relevant to the business. These keywords are usually the services or products which which the business is selling. A business can improve the ranking of its website in the search results using search engine optimization (abbreviated as SEO) considering the factors which the search engines use to rank websites.


There are a large number of businesses in Sierra Vista, Arizona which are selling their products or services to local customers. While many products are available online at low prices, there are still a large number of services or products which can be only purchased locally. A business which is ranking well in search engine results will get a large number of targeted visitors to its website, increasing the number of leads and orders. Since most businesses are not familiar with search engine algorithms, it is advisable to hire the SEO services of our specialized agency for your business website.


We offer a number of SEO packages for a business based on its size and number of products/services it is selling. Small businesses have a limited range of services/products, so they can choose the more affordable basic package, while large companies with a wider product range, can choose the comprehensive SEO packages. We will first do a SEO analysis of the business website, to check the ranking of the website for various keywords which are relevant for the business, how the website is comparing with the competitors website. We will then finalize the strategy for improving website ranking.


SEO for a website will usually classified into onsite SEO, offsite SEO and technical SEO. One of the most important parameters for ranking a website is the content of the website. A website will rank in the search results only if it has content related to the search term, usually the products or services which the business is selling. Hence we will review the content of the website, to ensure that it has adequate content related to the business services/products. If required, additional high quality content will be added to the business website to improve its ranking.


Another factor affecting the search rankings is the layout of the website, whether all pages are easily accessible to the search engine bots. It is also important to include a sitemap with all the pages of the website listed. The website should also load quickly in the browser, and technical SEO checks the loading time and other parameters of the website, to improve its performance. Another important parameter for website ranking is the number of back-links for a website, so we will get high quality relevant backlinks for the website as part of our seo package.


Businesses should be aware that it will usually take at least three months for improvement in the search ranking for a business website after seo work has started, so the business should be patient. They should also be aware that though SEO is expensive, it is usually more cost effective than other online marketing methods especially advertising. For PPC advertising, most businesses are usually paying at least $1 for each visitor to their website, and these visitors will stop, when the business stops advertising. On the other hand, SEO is a one time investment, and the business will continue to get free visitors from the search engine after its ranking improves.