About The Online Spark

Our Approach To Digital Marketing

With our military background, we are dedicated to helping people. We take pride and make it our duty to deliver a world class online solution for each client. Whether website design, social media marketing or social media management we will deliver a tailored solution that will help you achieve all of your business goals.

Knowing that our duty was to help people we created “The Online Spark”. We know that the internet has become the hub-spot of business. We want me make sure that we can help each clients with all of their online needs. We take our military discipline and we apply it to everything we do, and what you get, is perfection.

Our Awesome Team



Co-Founder & Developer

  • Computer Science Degree from The University of North Carolina in Charlotte
  • Currently pursuing his Master Degree in Information Technology from Arizona State University
  • Has been over 5 years of website development and SEO experience


Co-Founder & Marketing

  • Marketing Degree from Arizona State University
  • Races dirt bikes in Sierra Vista
  • Has a dog named Skipper

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